Non-Compete Covenants and Physician Contract Disputes

Physician Non-Compete/Restrictive Covenants

physician non-compete contracts and dispute in North CarolinaDoctors, particularly specialists in their field, routinely confront restrictive covenant provisions in employment and partnership agreements. These contract provisions can cause heated legal disputes when physicians move from one medical practice to another — especially non-compete or non-solicitation clauses.

Reasonable non-compete covenants may be enforceable, but attempting to enforce them can lead to complex litigation where courts must balance conflicting policy concerns.  A medical practice can use these restrictive covenants to protect legitimate business interests, such as preventing a former employee-physician from working in direct competition with the practice or soliciting the practice’s customers.  But a physician may have the opportunity to challenge the enforceability of such restrictions if they’re too broadly drawn, or aren’t supported by adequate consideration. North Carolina courts generally disfavor non-compete agreements in the medical profession, particularly those involving specialists, as they can limit public access to healthcare.

The medical business attorneys at the law firm of Zaytoun & Ballew have experience and success on both sides of the aisle. We’ve represented individual physicians and medical practices in non-compete covenant disputes. These cases often require swift legal action, and we have the speed and knowledge to quickly file or respond to a temporary restraining order or other injunctive relief seeking to enforce a non-compete contract.

Attorney Robert Zaytoun and the attorneys of Zaytoun & Ballew understand this specific area of law and have won both enforcement and invalidation of various non-compete agreements for a number of clients. In addition, Zaytoun & Ballew is able to provide legal assistance with physician contract disputes unrelated to non-compete or non-solicitation agreements.

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