Medical Regulatory Actions, such as Billing and Coding Reimbursement or Physician Licensure

Medical Licensure and Professional Regulatory Actions Defense

At the law firm of Zaytoun & Ballew, we’re experienced in assisting physicians and medical practices with a wide array of regulatory actions, such as Medical Board or Dental Board complaints and actions; reimbursement issues with, Medicaid and private payors; hospital privileges defense; and licensure or certification issues.

medical-billing-and-coding-litigation-ncBilling and Coding Reimbursement Actions

Physicians are constantly investigated, even harassed, by managed care companies and Government contractors regarding their billing and coding practices. This occurs in Medicare, Medicaid and private health insurance settings.

North Carolina Attorney Robert Zaytoun and the attorneys of Zaytoun & Ballew have represented many physicians in either bringing suit or defending them in reimbursement claims where the physicians’ billings have been alleged to be false or fraudulent by the government or insurance carriers. We often utilize nationally recognized coding and billing experts with their in-depth regulatory knowledge to successfully prosecute or defend these highly technical regulatory actions.

Licensure and Certification

At Zaytoun & Ballew, we also advise and represent medical professionals regarding issues with state licensure and certification agencies, fiscal intermediaries, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. These issues include licensure or certification compliance investigations, and challenges to assessed penalties or other adverse determinations by these agencies.

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