Premises Liability

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Property owners — including homeowners, landlords and businesses — have a duty to maintain a safe and secure location, timely fix known hazards, and, at a minimum, warn people about dangers on the property. Premises liability actions let guests, visitors and customers hold landowners or tenants legally responsible for the negligently caused accidents and injuries occurring on that property. These cases usually arise when failure to maintain property creates a hazardous condition, like a wet floor or unsafe stairway, and a person falls and suffers a serious injury. Tragically, premises liability cases also arise when a property owner fails to provide reasonable security, resulting in horrific, violent crimes committed upon innocent guests or customers. Sometimes these property owners know about a security risk and simply fail to spend money on safety measures that would prevent crime — such as functional door locks, alarm systems, adequate lighting or security guards.

At Zaytoun Law Firm, our experienced North Carolina premises liability attorneys will investigate and aggressively help you recover against the owners of the property who negligently exposed you to violent criminals or hazardous conditions. The State and Federal Governments are major landowners and may be liable to victims when negligence by government employees leads to hazardous land conditions, as when a known highway defect goes unrepaired.  Our attorneys have successfully represented victims in claims against the State when hazardous roadway conditions caused serious injury or death to drivers and passengers.

Premises liability cases include:

  • Swimming pool injuries from hazardous or unsupervised pools
  • Structural collapses of floors, roofs, porches or balconies
  • Highway hazards and negligent road maintenance or design
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Injuries while shopping
  • Dangerous amusement park rides
  • Rape, murder or assault of a guest caused by a hotel’s negligent security measures
  • Electrocution caused by unsafe power lines
  • Construction zone injuries
  • Dog attacks
  • Exposure to toxic substances or chemicals

If a property owner’s negligence has allowed you or a loved one to be injured, contact the skilled premises liability lawyers at North Carolina’s Zaytoun Law Firm. We offer free consultations to discuss your legal rights and our ability to help you.