Wrongful Death

wrongful death in North Carolina

A loved one’s passing is a tragedy. To grieving family members who’re struggling in a new life without a spouse, child, sibling or parent, a lawsuit is probably the last thing on their minds. Meanwhile, insurance companies are hard at work gathering evidence and building a legal defense in an attempt to avoid or limit paying a wrongful death claim. The family of a victim killed by recklessness or negligence should obtain their own legal team as soon as possible to quickly investigate the case and protect their rights.

Raleigh attorney Robert Zaytoun and the legal team at Zaytoun Law Firm have decades of experience representing the surviving families of victims in wrongful death cases in North Carolina. Our years of experience help us advise clients through this difficult process and obtain civil justice for their losses. We know that no amount of money can ever replace a loved one or make up for a death wrongfully caused by another’s negligence. We also know that holding wrongdoers accountable for the deaths they cause makes our society safer and helps prevent future tragedies.

When wrongful, preventable conduct takes the life of a loved one, the attorneys of Zaytoun Law Firm fight for maximum compensation for the surviving family who deserve justice.

Some examples of wrongful death cases:

North Carolina law allows damages for a wrongful death such as medical expenses; funeral expenses; pain and suffering; lost wages; and the loss to the survivor of the love, support, affection, and guidance of the departed. The experienced North Carolina wrongful death attorneys at Zaytoun Law Firm will use preeminent experts in any discipline to prove your case and present a compelling account of your losses — so you recover the compensation you deserve. For more information on our services and ability to help you, contact Zaytoun Law Firm in Raleigh NC for a free consultation.