Bicycle Accidents

bike accident lawyer in NCNorth Carolina law gives bicyclists the same rights as any other motor vehicle on the roadway. But drivers often ignore cyclists’ rights, causing catastrophic injury or death to riders who don’t stand a chance in a collision with a car, bus or truck.

Cyclists are extremely vulnerable to life-threatening injuries when riding on the road. The risk is heightened by drivers who typically pay little attention to cyclists and treat them as an annoyance.

According to the NC Department of Transportation, there are more than 900 bicycle-motor vehicle crashes each year in North Carolina.[1]  Here in the Triangle, population growth and urban development has led to more cyclists and, unfortunately, more bicycle accidents.

Attorney Robert Zaytoun, a longtime cyclist, understands the joys, and dangers, of cycling. He has extensive knowledge of the law and over 3 decades of experience representing bicycle accident victims.

What to do if you’re in a bicycle accident:

Contact the police, wait for them to arrive and file an accident report.
Just as in an automobile accident, it is important to preserve evidence from a bicycle accident, such as the official accident report by the responding police officer.

Seek immediate medical attention.
Thoroughly report the details of your injuries to your medical provider and preserve the medical records from your treatment.

Photograph your bicycle and leave it in the same state as it was after the accident.
Bicycles can be quite valuable and property damage claims can compensate you for your cycling equipment.

Get the driver’s name and insurance information, as well as the names of any passengers in the vehicle or other witnesses at the scene of the accident. 

Don’t negotiate with the driver of the vehicle and don’t speak with the driver’s insurance agent or adjuster.
The extent of your injuries may not yet be apparent to you, and you’ll want to speak with an attorney to better understand your rights before negotiating with the driver or his or her insurance company. It’s important to remember that any statement you give to an insurance agent or adjuster can, and will, be used against you by the insurance company — in an attempt to avoid compensating you for your injuries.

If you or a loved one is involved in a bicycle accident, contact an experienced NC bicycle accident lawyer and cyclist who understands the unique laws in North Carolina.

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