Class Action Litigation

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When a defective product, wrongful corporate conduct or other negligent and bad action result in widespread harm to a large number of people, the most effective method of obtaining recovery for these injuries is through a class action lawsuit. This is particularly true when the amount of compensation due to each victim is less than the likely cost of litigating the claim — and the only way each individual can afford to seek justice is to band together as a powerful group. Class actions suits are also the best way to send a message to corporations that their abuse of consumers and defective, dangerous products are unacceptable in our society.

Class action attorneys must have experience and expertise in maneuvering the many restrictions of state and federal law to take on large corporate defendants and their insurance carriers, while fairly and effectively managing claims on behalf of many clients. The experienced North Carolina class action lawyers of Zaytoun & Ballew have successfully handled several class actions, ranging from defective medical products to toxic chemical explosions to improper employee insurance benefits under ERISA.

Recently, Raleigh attorney Robert Zaytoun and the Zaytoun & Ballew law firm obtained a substantial class action settlement for a group of employees whose employer forced them to pay wrongly-inflated medical costs due to the employer’s self dealing with the medical plan provider.

There is undeniable strength in numbers, as class actions not only compensate multiple victims, but serve as a “wake up call” to industries that care more about profits than public safety or fair dealings with consumers.

pharmaceutical class action lawyer NCSome examples of class action suits:

  • Dangerous and defective drugs or medical products
  • Toxic explosions or exposure to noxious chemicals
  • Companies, such as telephone or credit card corporations, overcharging for their services
  • Employee discrimination based on gender, race or age
  • Corporate fraud or misrepresentations that harm shareholders or customers
  • Monopolies or anti-trust activities of corporations causing improperly high prices for consumers
  • Unfair and deceptive trade practices
  • Improper employee insurance plans

Not all claims qualify as a class action, and those that do are long and complex cases that generally take years to resolve. The North Carolina class action lawyers at the law firm of Zaytoun & Ballew have the skill, experience and resources to handle these cases for as long as it takes to make sure every class member gets just compensation for his or her injuries. Contact Zaytoun & Ballew today for more information and a free consultation.