“Defensive medicine” myth continues to be debunked by recent studies

Legal blogger Max Kennerly recently wrote a great post explaining the myth of "defensive medicine"--the false idea that health care costs are high because doctors constantly order unnecessary tests out of a fear of being sued.   In addition to pointing out the flawed logic with this idea, the post cites to a new wave of medical studies confirming that the "tort reform" laws passed to stop this purported problem have failed to make medical care any cheaper or safer for patients in states across the nation.  This is certainly true here in North Carolina. Check out Max's post here: http://www.litigationandtrial.com/2014/10/articles/attorney/medical-malpractice-1/defensive-medicine/   … [Read more...]

Cleveland Clinic study finds that the savings from ‘tort reform’ are mythical

The LA Times and Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Michael Hiltzik report on a recent Cleveland Clinic study further debunking the myth of tort reform and the costs of defensive medicine. The North Carolina Medical Malpractice lawyers at Zaytoun Law Firm believe that so-called "tort reform" is nothing more than a bar to justice for ordinary citizens of our state. North Carolina has been affected by recent reform legislation that has stripped injured people of their rights to seek full redress in our civil courts. Studies like these are further confirmation of the real truth about medical care in this state and country: that meritorious claims for medical negligence have nothing to do with the predictable and steady rise of healthcare costs. … [Read more...]

Zaytoun Law Firm Featured on Front Page of NC Lawyers Weekly

Zaytoun Law Firm was featured on the front page of the June 9, 2014 edition of North Carolina Lawyers Weekly for a recent medical malpractice settlement achieved by the firm.  The North Carolina medical malpractice lawyers at Zaytoun Law Firm are proud to be able to help our wonderful clients who were harmed by preventable negligence. The full text of the Lawyers Weekly article can be found in the link below: Gaymon v. Pitt Hospital, et al - NC Lawyers Weekly   … [Read more...]

Zaytoun Law Firm Wins $13,000,000 Settlement in Medical Malpractice Case

Robert Zaytoun and Matt Ballew of Zaytoun Law Firm concluded a medical malpractice trial in Pitt County Superior Court last week with a $13,000,000 settlement with one defendant and a deadlocked jury against the other.  Robert and Matt were assisted in the case by Robert's longtime friend and trial colleague John Edwards. The case alleged negligent airway management by a hospital and an emergency room doctor against our client, Kaiden Gaymon, who was 4 months old at the time.  Kaiden suffered permanent brain damage as a result.  Zaytoun Law Firm is pleased to have helped Kaiden receive care that he needs through the settlement with one defendant, and plans to bring the other defendant to justice in a second trial. Local and national … [Read more...]