Zaytoun Law Firm Wins $10,000,000 Verdict in Broker Fraud Case–Makes Front Page of NC Lawyers Weekly

capps LW pic

Zaytoun Law Firm was recently featured on the front page of North Carolina Lawyers Weekly for a multi-million dollar verdict in a stockbroker fraud case handled by the firm.  In Estate of Martha Capps v. Hal Blondeau, 07 CVS 16486, Wake County Superior Court, Zaytoun Law Firm’s clients won a verdict of $10,330,683.94 in damages, in addition to costs and attorneys’ fees.

The North Carolina broker fraud attorneys at Zaytoun Law Firm tirelessly worked with co-counsel Gil File of Brownlee Law Firm for over seven years on the case and eventually achieved this great result behalf of the late Mrs. Martha Capps, who was preyed upon by former Raleigh stockbroker and financial advisor Hal Blondeau.  Over the course of several years, Blondeau took advantage of Mrs. Capps, an elderly woman, and stole millions of dollars in securities and cash from her.

The case is notable in many regards.  Robert Zaytoun and Gil File won a victory in the North Carolina Court of Appeals earlier in this matter by voiding an arbitration agreement that would have deprived Mrs. Capps and her estate of the right to a jury trial.  This result is also groundbreaking as it is the first reported decision in North Carolina history where a stock broker or financial advisor was found liable under the North Carolina Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices Act for securities theft.  The Raleigh business fraud attorneys at Zaytoun Law Firm are blessed to have represented wonderful clients and worked with tremendous co-counsel in this case.

Click here for the complete Lawyers Weekly article about the case.  The public Court Verdict and Judgment can be seen here.