Zaytoun Law Firm Seeks Public Records from Harnett County Sheriff and District Attorney

2016.07.26 Livingston hearing 1

2016.07.26 Livingston hearing 2

Zaytoun Law Firm was in the news after a hearing yesterday in Harnett County Civil Superior Court.  Zaytoun Law Firm, and co-counsel Jesse Jones of Jesse Jones Law PA, are proud to represent the Estate of John Livingston, a Harnett County resident who was killed at his home by a deputy of the Harnett County Sheriff’s Office, in addition to representing a number of other good Harnett County citizens who we allege were wrongfully arrested, assaulted and mistreated by the Sheriff’s Office.

On Monday July 25, 2016, a hearing was held in Harnett County Superior Court about petitions filed by Zaytoun Law Firm to access public records from the incidents of alleged police misconduct and the District Attorney’s file materials related to the death of John Livingston.  See the links below for news coverage of the hearing:

The North Carolina police brutality lawyers at Zaytoun Law Firm will continue to fight for transparency in our justice system and to uphold the civil rights of our clients.