Zaytoun Law Firm Represents Workers After Deadly Wake Tech Bridge Collapse



On November 13, 2014, a pedestrian bridge under construction at Wake Tech Community College’s North Campus collapsed killing one worker and injuring four others.  The very next day, another bridge of a similar design collapsed at Wake Tech’s North Campus.  Zaytoun Law Firm is proudly representing the Estate of the worker who was tragically killed at Wake Tech in the first bridge collapse, as well as another worker who was severely injured in this tragedy. Our attorneys are fighting to achieve justice for these workers and their families whose lives have been forever changed by these unnecessary events. We have retained preeminent experts in fields such as structural engineering and design to prove that this collapse never should have happened and that the workers who were killed and injured deserve compensation.

The experienced Raleigh attorneys at Zaytoun Law Firm handle construction and industrial injury cases where workers were injured or killed by building or structural collapses in our community.  Robert Zaytoun’s 30 years experience in representing plaintiffs in catastrophic injury cases, joined by Matt Ballew and John Taylor, form a formidable trial team accustomed to battling the top corporate defense firms in the State.  If you or a loved one were in a construction accident or building collapse, contact the lawyers of Zaytoun Law Firm today for a free consultation.