Zaytoun Law Firm Files Class Action Lawsuit for the Bonner Bridge Power Outage in the Outer Banks, NC

Two North Carolina law firms with strong ties to Eastern North Carolina and the coast, Zaytoun Law firm and Steve E. Lacy, have joined forces and filed a class action lawsuit in Federal Court and will be filing a similar class action lawsuit in Hyde County Superior Court later today related to the Bonner Bridge power outages in the Outer Banks.  Steve Lacy’s Firm has offices in New Bern and Bayboro, and Robert Zaytoun of Zaytoun Law Firm, Raleigh, North Carolina grew up in New Bern, North Carolina and continues to have strong family ties in New Bern.  His Firm also has a legal association with the Law Firm of Ken McCotter in New Bern.  Mr. McCotter, a former Federal Magistrate Judge, concentrates in admiralty and maritime law in his law practice.

Robert Zaytoun and Zaytoun Law Firm have experience handling complex class action cases, including a major case involving an explosion at a toxic waste facility in Apex NC several years ago causing the evacuation of the entire town and significant losses to businesses in the Apex community. Steve Lacy has extensive experience practicing law in Eastern North Carolina and the Outer Banks, where he has also spent much of his free time in the summers for the past 20 years, particularly on Ocracoke Island.  Zaytoun and Lacy’s firms plan to vigorously pursue claims against all responsible parties to bring just-compensation to people and businesses damaged by the devastating power outage during the peak summer business season.

“These are hardworking, salt of the earth people who rely on their summer revenues to carry them through the rest of the year.  It is one thing when a hurricane drives residents and tourists from coastal areas causing significant loss of business revenues. It is quite another when negligence of corporate entities creates economic harm and havoc in people’s lives,” said Robert Zaytoun of the power outage.

Contact Zaytoun Law Firm if you were impacted by the Bonner Bridge Outer Banks power outage.  The Zaytoun Law Firm can be reached at 919-832-6690 or you may access the Zaytoun Law Firm website at  Steve Lacy, Attorney at Law can be reached at 252-745-4646 and Steve Lacy’s website address is

The Federal lawsuit can be seen here.