Zaytoun Law Firm attorneys featured in TBJ article on current trends in Medical Malpractice Litigation in North Carolina

Zaytoun Law Firm attorneys Robert Zaytoun and Matthew Ballew were interviewed by the Triangle Business Journal in an article examining the impact of medical malpractice “tort reform” passed by the North Carolina General Assembly in 2011. Here’s what they had to say:

“Ultimately, it is the public who has suffered by the unfortunate impact of denial of access to the courthouse. There may be less malpractice litigation today but certainly no less malpractice,” says Robert Zaytoun, principal of Zaytoun Law Firm, a Raleigh group that represents victims of medical malpractice.

“Good doctors are not defining their practices by fear of lawsuits or so-call defensive medicine,” he says. “What drives them every day is a true concern for the welfare of their patients, and doing whatever necessary to keep them safe from potential harm. That’s the oath they took to uphold and that’s what they believe in.” Furthermore, there are many industries in which a client may bring a lawsuit against a professional, attorneys included. ” Every profession has that same concern, ” Ballew says. “I’m a lawyer. If we make a mistake, if we do something wrong at any time, one of our clients could file a suit against us.”

“The idea that a patient can file a frivolous lawsuit in a medical malpractice case, and trick the defense, trick the judge, trick 12 jurors, and trick the entire court system into giving them a big verdict is a complete myth. It’s a myth,” says Ballew. “No lawyer that I know files frivolous lawsuits. If anyone did, they wouldn’t be practicing law for very long.”

The full article can be found here.  Despite draconian “tort reform” laws that take away the rights of the people of North Carolina, the North Carolina medical malpractice lawyers at Zaytoun Law Firm are proud to continue to seek justice and fair compensation for patients who have been injured or killed by medical negligence.