Martha Capps Family Foundation Supports Fight Against Mental Illness at “Evening of Hope”

Evening of Hope Capps Foundation

Martha Capps Family Foundation board members Robert Zaytoun, Gil File, Carol Woodry and Bruce Capps at the “Evening of Hope”

 The positive impact of one of Zaytoun Law Firm’s legal cases was showcased in a wonderful way recently at the “Evening of Hope,” an annual charity event supporting the fight against mental illness at the Angus Barn in Raleigh, NC.  The Martha Capps Family Foundation, which was liberated from the hands of swindling Raleigh stockbroker Hal Blondeau by Zaytoun Law Firm and co-counsel Gil File in Capps v. Blondeau, 07 CVS 1648, Wake County Superior Court, made a sizable donation to the Foundation of Hope and was recognized at the annual Angus Barn event.

The Martha Capps Family Foundation is made up of funds that were stolen from the late Martha Capps, Zaytoun Law Firm’s client, by her trusted financial adviser Hal Blondeau.  It was originally named the Marvin Baker Foundation by Blondeau who exercised total control over the funds, which exceeded $2,000,000.  Blondeau used the Baker Foundation for his benefit until his frauds against Capps were exposed several years later.  Ultimately, Blondeau was sentenced to a term in Federal prison for his misconduct and Zaytoun Law Firm brought a civil action against him resulting in a verdict in excess of $10,000,000.  More on that verdict and legal case can be seen here.

One unexpected positive impact of this saga was that the Marvin Baker Foundation continued to exist after Blondeau was caught, but was liberated from Blondeau.  The Foundation was renamed in Martha Capps’ honor and allowed to serve worthy charities instead of Blondeau’s selfish interests.  Today, the Martha Capps Family Foundation is dedicated to causes and charities that Martha Capps would have actually supported and cared about, chief among those is mental heath as Mrs. Capps herself battled with Alzheimer’s disease.  The recent gift to the Foundation of Hope is a perfect example of the new-found charitable purpose for these once stolen funds.

Zaytoun Law Firm attorney and principal Robert Zaytoun is proud to serve on the board of the Foundation along with Martha Capps’ children, Bruce Capps and Carol Woodry, and attorney Gil File.  The Foundation will continue to support great causes like the Foundation of Hope in the future and will always serve as a silver lining to Martha Capps’ struggles with the thieving Blondeau.