Hospital Negligence

hospital negligence and malpractice in North CarolinaLike doctors, hospitals are bound by professional standards of care to ensure patient safety, and they must be held accountable for the injuries and deaths they cause. Since gaining a record verdict in the landmark North Carolina hospital negligence case Campbell v. Pitt County Hospital, Raleigh attorney Robert Zaytoun has continued to fight for justice when patients are harmed by the negligence of a hospital or its employees.

Hospital malpractice generally arises in one of two ways: corporate negligence by the hospital itself or negligence by the hospital’s employees. For example, a hospital failing to investigate a health care provider’s credentials, licensure or background before hiring or granting practice privileges can give rise to direct liability, as can failing to staff an adequate number of nurses at the facility.  Hospitals are also vicariously liable for harms caused by their employees that occur during work. Zaytoun & Ballew’s North Carolina hospital negligence attorneys are experienced and skilled in investigating and proving agency claims between a hospital and its physicians, making sure that hospitals account for the safety of their patients.

We help injured patients and their families recover damages from hospitals for the negligence of employee nurses and doctors in situations such as:

  • Failure to monitor or stabilize a patient
  • Nurse’s failure to follow a physician’s instructions
  • Physician’s failure read or respond to medical reports
  • Nurse’s failure to alert supervisors of preventable harms caused by a physician’s negligence
  • Improper treatment or prevention of post-operative infections
  • Failure to prevent patient falls
  • Improper administration of medication or use of medical devices
  • Failure to order proper tests or consult with a specialist
  • Hospital-born infections and improper sterilization

If a hospital’s mistake, poor medical care or poor nursing care has resulted in serious injuries to you or someone in your family or the death of a loved one, contact the experienced attorneys at the Raleigh law firm of Zaytoun & Ballew today.