Birth Injuries

birth injuries in North CarolinaA child’s birth is perhaps the greatest moment of any parent’s life. It’s also among the most critical points in all of medical practice, demanding the utmost vigilance. Realizing the miracle of life is supposed to be beautiful and joyous, but can quickly turn tragic with medical negligence.  Avoidable complications during pregnancy or delivery may result in catastrophic injury to the mother and her baby.

Birth injury cases often involve an obstetrician’s failure to correctly diagnose or treat complications, disorders or defects during pregnancy or delivery. They may also involve issues of negligent monitoring or reporting by nurses and support staff. Negligently prescribed medications or defective drugs taken by the mother during pregnancy can cause life-altering birth defects.

Delivery room negligence threatens the life of the infant or mother and creates a number of permanent consequences for children.

Cerebral palsy, a very severe and common condition caused by medical negligence at birth, is a disorder of the functioning of the brain and nervous system that impairs movement, learning, hearing, seeing and thinking.

Kenicterus, or jaundice, is an avoidable neurologic condition resulting from excessive untreated jaundice in newborn babies.

Brachial plexus injury or Erbs Palsy is caused by improper pulling of the baby’s head during delivery.

Cephalohematoma is bleeding of the brain caused by excessive use of forceps on the child’s head

Brain damage from uterine ruptures results from medical negligence during c-section procedures.

Raleigh attorney Robert Zaytoun has decades of experience holding wrongdoers accountable for negligent birth injuries such as these. The Zaytoun & Ballew law team investigates  a case to determine potential liability and often utilizes numerous experts to develop a life care plan specifically tailored to an injured child’s needs for his or her lifetime.