Paramedic / EMT Negligence

EMT and paramedic negligence in NCParamedic, EMT and Transport Nurse Negligence           

In an emergency, Paramedics, Transport Nurses and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) are the first medical professionals on the scene. As sirens scream and lights flash, in the back of an ambulance, a critically ill patient places absolute trust in these responders — and relies on them for life-saving treatment and quick transport to a hospital. Not all patient transports occur under emergency circumstances, however. Transport teams are routinely called upon to transfer patients between hospitals or medical facilities, and they’re required to observe the same level of vigilance and care to keep patients safe during these important trips as they are in an emergency. The speed and skill of first responders often means the difference between life and death, and their negligence can quickly have catastrophic consequences.

Although paramedics, transport nurses and EMTs are not physicians, they’re highly trained professionals bound by published standards of care to ensure patient safety, and they must be held accountable for preventable injuries and deaths caused by their carelessness. At the law firm of Zaytoun & Ballew, our experienced legal team has successfully represented numerous victims of paramedic, transport nurse or EMT negligence. We continue to fight for clients who’ve sustained life-altering injuries or death by the mistakes of paramedics, EMTs, transport nurses and other emergency medical personnel.

Some examples of paramedic, transport nurse or EMT negligence:

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