Emergency Room Injuries

Emergency Room Errors

emergency room malpractice in North CarolinaPatients in critical condition arrive in emergency rooms everyday and rely on ER doctors, nurses and staff to make timely medical decisions where life and death often hang in the balance. North Carolina emergency room staff give outstanding care to the vast majority of patients. But carelessness in the ER is still too common, and preventable medical errors often result in catastrophic injury or death to patients. Despite the inherent challenges and stresses to treating a time-sensitive medical emergency, highly skilled emergency room professionals are required to comply with basic standards of patient care. Avoidable delays in treatment or misdiagnoses repeatedly cause fatal or life-altering consequences — when standard and timely care would have made a difference.

The experienced North Carolina emergency room injury attorneys at the law firm of Zaytoun & Ballew believe the high cost of an emergency room mistake demands that careless physicians or support personnel be held accountable to prevent future harm and make the ER safer for all patients.

Time is of the essence in the emergency room, but chronic staff shortages and administrative errors, combined with high volumes of patients, can delay or impair vital treatment of medical emergencies.

Medical malpractice in the ER can include:

If you or a loved one has been the victim of emergency room malpractice, contact the Raleigh emergency room negligence attorneys at Zaytoun & Ballew today.